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Whole Lotta Girth Episode 3 - Boners and Violence


Come join @dirtydevoe and @mattinwinnipeg as they discuss boners, police violence, and much more. We get thick so bust out the petroleum jelly to moisten them lips, shit is about to get girthy! Check us out at www.dirtysmind.com


Whole Lotta Girth Episode 2 - Matt’s 1st Circle Jerk




Episode 2 is here after some technical difficulties. Join @dirtydevoe and @mattinwinnipeg as they discuss mariujuana, sex, and circle jerks. Be sure you stretch and get loose because we are not responsioble for the damages our girth may cause.




Whole Lotta Girth Episode 1 - Vasectomy



The first episode of Whole Lotta Girth podcast created by @DirtyDeVoe and @MattInWinnipeg. For episode 1 we wanted you to get to know kind of who we are and what better way than to tell you a story about @DirtyDeVoe horrible vasectomy. Be sure to follow us on Twitter and Instagram for future podcast releases and other announcements. You can check out all things Dirty and Girthy at www.dirtysmind.com/wlg