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Dirty’s Mind - SVT revisited


On this episode I revisit my son's SVT as he had a recent occurrence today. Be sure to check out Dirty's Mind to get access to all my content and friends of mine.

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Dirty’s Mind - Magical Trip


Take a little magical trip with Dirty. Be sure to check out Inspired Disorder Collective and Inspired Disorder. Be sure to use coupon code Dirty. You can also check out all my stuff on the Dirty's Mind website.

Dirty’s Mind - Don’t tell Stan


Shhh.... Don't tell Stan I discussed our private convo about our little short cummings. I also share a story of learning about your surroundings. Be sure to check out Dirty's Mind , Inspired Disorder, and Inspired Disorder Collective 

Also Gloom Lake , this show is legit.

Dirty’s Mind - FIFI?


On this episode I go deep. Deep in details of the underground world of military masturbation tactics. Be sure to rate, review, subscribe via itunes. Also, check out the new site Dirty's Mind. Laura I am sorry @punky4711 and @wanderlustpod


Dirty’s Mind - Chronicled Vaping


On this Episode I am appreciative for having the chance to converse with Brian @vaporchronicles about our journey into vaping, his journey as a YouTube vape reviewer, and much, much more. Be sure to check out his YouTube channel The Vapor Chronicles and his website. Please be sure to check out Inspired Disorder and Inspired Disorder Collective. Thank you for listening!


Dirty’s Mind - Speaking w/ DaDevil


This episode I converse with fellow Twitter weirdo @StanDaDevil of @GloomLakeTimes about horror movies, kids, and his amazing co-creators of Gloom Lake, @metcalfr001 and @ronws1 please show them some love.


Dirty’s Mind - Slinging Positivity

This show is a little different as in most of it is just me slinging the positivity dick around to those that made impression on my the past month or so. Be sure to check out Inspired Disorder and use the coupon code Dirty. Also check out Inspired Disorder Collective. Links are below to the Shops and people I mentioned. Be sure to show them some love.