Dirty’s Mind / Whole Lotta Girth

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Dirty’s Mind - The Vaseline Jar

Explore a very intimate and dirty side of Dirty DeVoe on this episode of Dirty's Mind. Be sure to check out Inspired Disorder and Inspired Disorder Collective and use the coupon code Dirty to save yourself 10%.


Dirty’s Mind - Josefa

This Dirty's Mind is dedicated to my grandmother Mommom. She turned 80 years old and kicks ass. I let the mood take me by storm. Check out Inspired Disorder and use coupon code Dirty. Also check out Inspired Disorder Collective


Dirty’s Mind - Serious

Dirty gets serious for a bit about how he deals with certain things. I hope you enjoy. Be sure to check out Inspired Disorder Collective and Inspired Disorder and if buying something use the coupon code Dirty to save 10%. As always thank you for listening and it you like please subscribe, rate, and review via itunes or how ever you listen to me.


3 D!ckheads Playin’ Video Gamez - Gameplay unavailable


This Episode of 3 D!ckheads is much of the same but with out any video games being played. Recorded before my Ice Fishing trip to VT, listen to the wild silliness that ensues. Thanks for listening and I hope you enjoy. Artwork submitted by @hollisticstone thanks bud!


Dirty’s Mind - Elevating the Game

Another Dirty's Mind. New equipment sends Dirty to an elevated state. Pretty much a giddy Dirty promoting and shouting out. Enjoy. Also check out Inspired Disorder and be sure to use the coupon code Dirty to save 10%. If I am or not your cup of tea, check out Inspired Disorder Collective.