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Dirty’s Mind - A Big Ball of Emotion

Yup, I am a crybaby. Haha! I am bummed and some things are bothering me. Thanks for listening! Be sure to check out Inspired Disorder and use coupon code Dirty to save 10% off your purchase. Enjoy!


The Dirty Commuter Episode 54 - A Lady amongst us w/@SmokinLadyJ

That is right, Lady J @smokinladyj is on The Dirty Commuter. I had a great time talking with her about everything really. Parenthood to Cheerleading, Lady J lays it down. Be sure to show The Smokin J's podcast some love. Check out Inspired Disorder and be sure to use coupon code "Dirty". Thanks for listening!


Dirty’s Mind - When Dirty was DIrt poor….

I speak of a time I lived without power, water, much of anything really. And visiting my dad in the Orange County Jail Orlando, FL. Thanks for listening!