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The Dirty Commuter Episode 45 - No Sex, No Lies, but there are Video Games w/ @lowanimal

Episode 45 I am joined with guest @lowanimal. I met Lo in the twitter community and really got to talk with him when we played GTA online. We talk games, life, podcasts, you name it. This really was a fun conversation. Please subscribe, rate, and review via iTunes if you can. Thank you for listening!


The Dirty Commuter Episode 44 - Red Hot Porn w/ @jayarrsteiner

Episode 44, I have guest @jayarrsteiner on and we discuss porn, music, and dick size. He runs his own T-shirt biz, go check it out, link below. Also, keep the love flowing for our boy @yuknassty. I provided the link below. Also if you can please rate, review, subscribe I heard it can help me out. Thanks for listening and enjoy.


The Dirty Commuter Episode 43 - Sweatpants Dicks w/ @drewsample

Episode 43 I am joined w/ guest @drewsample after he wooed me with his sweatpants covered crotch on the #24hourpodcast. Drew is host of @thesamplehour podcast, we talk a little about everything as we fall in love with each other. Please don't forget to help out our friend @yuknassty and his son. Link is below. If you can subscribe, rate and review via itunes or your favorite way to listen. Thanks!


The Dirty Commuter Episode 42 - Growing Dads w/ @theizzyrock

Guest @theizzyrock joins me for Episode 42. We talk video games, our kids, parenting and life in general. Don't worry we even talk about the Super Bowl. Be sure to check out Izzy's podcasts I provided the links below. Also be sure to help our our friend @yuknassty, link is below. Also to note Izzy's co host of On the Block is with @thescottepic and not @scottepic like I mention in the podcast. Sorry Scott.