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The Dirty Commuter Episode 31 - Brian says, “Fuck you!”

Episode 31 features, my middle son Carsen with the intro. Also have Brian's Fuck you monologue. Brian is actually on this episode and very fitting that he sent me that recording. We basically catch up. It has been a while since we last spoke, but it sounds like things are moving in the right direction for Brian. Thank you for listening, please subscribe, rate, and review on itunes if you can. I hope you enjoy! Check out all the podcasters and artists at www.inspireddisordercollective.com


The Dirty Commuter Episode 30 - Oh shit they called! w/ @thabasementboys

Tha Basement Boys join me on episode 30. We talk about their current, past, and future projects. What they have been up to since they stopped putting out videos. I make them blush with the lip service I provided them, I really do find their videos funny and suggest you check them out. @thabasementboys on twitter and search for them on youtube or check them out via the link below. Also check out the Inspired Disorder Collective. I have a link on the home page. Thanks for listening, please subscribe, review, and rate on itunes. Enjoy!


The Dirty Commuter Episode 29 - #Manlove w/ @adamthomasadams Adam Konia

I am honored and still buzzing from this great conversation w/ Adam Konia one of my Twitter buddies that I consistently talk about slapping cocks. We talk about everything together like to love teenage girls gossiping about our crushes on Mr. Graham the hot new History teacher. Haha! The past few weeks worth of podcasts have been some of my favorites. The connections I have made are genuine, honest, and very positive. Thanks to everyone that listens, please subscribe, rate and review on itunes. Also check out the #IDC www.inspireddisordercollective.com