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The Dirty Commuter Episode 13 - Bombing in Boston

This Episode is as weird and surreal as the week has been. Boston Marathon bombing, Texas fertilizer plant explosion, the now man hunt for suspected terrorists. I touch all of this, Brian even sent me some audio. We both rant and reflect on the weeks events. I have a few shout outs for you guys of DeathSquad Army. Your positive energy has helped tremendously this week. I hope you enjoy this weeks episode, and thank you for listening! HMU on twitter @dirtydevoe email thedirtycommuter@gmail.com and be sure to visit the blog site thedirtycommuter.blogspot.com


The Dirty Commuter Episode 12 - Alone with you

This episode is just me, alone. HAHA! I bailed on @dudebroccoli twice now, but have scheduled this Saturday to record. This time it is getting done. I give some shout outs but gave quite a few so not going to list them here. I just talk about what has been going on since the last recordings I spice things up with some music, a bit of variety I must say. Hope you guys enjoy this one, I think the sound on this one is the best yet. Thanks for the feedback and bearing with my shit sound for the past few episodes. Be sure to check out the blog if you are interested in seeing the desk my brother in law and I are creating thedirtycommuter.blogspot.com and always HMU on Twitter @dirtydevoe as well as email thedirtycommuter@gmail.com I really do appreciate all of you out there listening and sharing your listening experience on Twitter. Go give them hell!


The Dirty Commuter Episode 11 - Fatherhood w/@dhimitsu

So @dhimitsu and I discuss Fatherhood on this episode. We talk about a couple other things but mostly about parenting. I apologize for the audio and I appreciate you bearing with me as I figure this shit out. I have fixed my low audio and most of that hissing. Please if you have any suggestions, feedback, helpful hints or if you have questions or need someone to talk to, get at me on twitter @dirtydevoe email thedirtycommuter@gmail.com also be sure to check out my blog site, thedirtycommuter.blogspot.com Thank you so much for listening and enjoy!


The Dirty Commuter Episode 10 - Chatting w/ @DarenAbbott

This one is a little lengthier than my past episodes but I figured for Episode 10 I needed to bring out the big guns. I meet and get to know @DarenAbbott from Iowa. We talk about pretty much everything, from dogs, to music and anything else that tickled our fancy. Again, if you have feedback, suggestions, or have any questions HMU on Twitter @dirtydevoe or email thedirtycommuter@gmail.com. Be on the look out for The Dirty Commuter on YouTube, I have it coming. Thank you for listening and I hope you enjoy this one.