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The Dirty Commuter Episode 9 - Brian Appears

Brian appears for our first recorded phone call. It's just a typical phone call nothing planned or special. I feel it is a good introduction for Brian, you get a sense of who he is and what he is going through. Please bear with me for the first minute or so as I was still tweaking the sound. I apologize, I received the equipment I ordered and am still getting the hang of it all. Thanks for listening and I hope you enjoy it. HMU on Twitter @dirtydevoe or leave feedback or questions at thedirtycommuter@gmail.com


The Dirty Commuter Episode 8 - Out of Control

Hopefully this episode sounds a little cleaner than the past ones. I am not describing the language, just the overall noise heard during my recording. I ordered some equipment and hopefully will have it all set up for the next recording. Brian makes a brief appearance as I tried to set it up to record our phone conversation, but I could not hear him. He could hear me, so it all really funny to me. I also recorded a little bit in Rhode Island. Thanks for listening and enjoy. HMU on Twitter @dirtydevoe email thedirtycommuter@gmail.com and check out the blog site thedirtycommuter.blogspot.com


The Dirty Commuter Episode 7 - Double Derek for your pleasure

Down in Rhode Island again, seems to be a pattern huh?  This time I ride around with guest the other Derek. Derek now sits behind me in the office, he is cool people and wish we had more time to talk but I had to start my long commute home. We touch many subject, his beloved Patriots, music, guitar playing, life, etc. Again, thanks for listening, hope you enjoy it. HMU on twitter @dirtydevoe or email, thedirtycommuter@gmail.com


The Dirty Commuter Episode 6 - Too much coffee

It's me again, but amped up on coffee until my herbal remedy kicks in, then I'm just stupid. I start off with a friendly tune from Brian. I apologize for the break in my recording, I got a phone call right in the middle of recording so I decided to use that for another voice mail from Brian to splice the two recordings I did. Thanks for listening and enjoy! Hit me up on twitter @dirtydevoe or send me an email thedirtycommuter@gmail.com


The Dirty Commuter Episode 5 - Back to Work

Well, I am back to work after going up to Lake Champlain in Vermont. I ponder some things and really just talk to hear myself. Brian leaves a voice mail and is interrupted in the middle of his act. Driving 210 miles a day for work sucks, and the drivers in New England suck even more. What do they suck? Well giant cock of course! Enjoy, thanks for listening, be sure to follow me on Twitter @dirtydevoe and check out my blog thedirtycommuter.blogspot.com for even more stupid shit I do.