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The Dirty Commuter Episode 4 - Brian’s Song

Episode 4 is here folks. I recorded a little when down in RI again. I am excited as I received Brian's permission to share some of his voice-mails he has sent me. I hope you enjoy them like I do. I once again kiss @mitchnutter 's ass after I suck him off and I briefly talk about the buzz @deathsquadnet has started with the launching of www.deathsquadnetwork.com . If you haven't seen the site or the video get to it. It is a great way to explain to people what Deathsquad really is. Enjoy and as always thank you for listening!


The Dirty Commuter Episode 3 - Work

Commuted to Rhode Island to the office and spoke with Adam and Tom. This is my first podcast getting to speak with others, this is Tom and Adam's first time on a podcast. They are two chill guys who get morning wood and are searching for that dream life. I also record an emotional in-depth look into me and my childhood. Thanks as always for listening. You can find me on twitter @dirtydevoe or send me an email with your thoughts or questions at thedirtycommuter@gmail.com


The Dirty Commuter Episode 2 - PC crash

Here is the long awaited Episode 2 of The Dirty Commuter Podcast. After posting episode 1 my PC crashed and I lost the other 3 podcasts I previously recorded. I have rebuilt my PC and am back in action. Thanks for listening! Deathsquad!